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Arts in the Parks, public mural program, will improve the visual vibrancy, connection, and interest to Tukwila’s beautiful parks system.  The project includes seven wall-mounted murals, two large murals on a cement wall, one ground mural, and ten art mesh banners.  Art will be installed in five Tukwila parks, and banners will rotate from park to park over time.  All art will be produced and installed over the summer of 2021, Urban Artworks will work directly with each artists. Artists will be chosen by a panel of community stakeholders, collaborations are welcome 

Opportunities: All murals on restrooms will be mounted MDO boards by Parks staff, artist will paint onsite. 

Tukwila Park: Established in 1934, Tukwila Park is the first park in the city. This Park has a large tree canopy, a small playground, tennis and basketball courts, and is an active restoration site with Green Tukwila. The Park is full of native plants and an excellent place for bird watching.   

  • 1 4x8ft Mural on restroom- Pay $600 

Foster Memorial Park: This is a multi-use park with sports fields, a dog park, picnic shelter, a large playground, and a cardio track nestled into a neighborhood.  

  • 3 Murals on the restrooms, 2 8x8ft, 1 4x8ft- Pay $600 each  

Bicentennial Park: Right next to the Green River, this park provides access to the Green River Trail. The Park has a large iconic Big Leaf Maple, restrooms, Fitness equipment, a historic cabin, and a playground. 

  • 1 Mural on restroom, 4x8ft, Pay $600 
  • Cabin, see photo, Pay $850  

Crystal Springs Park: A vast hillside splits this park and creates breathtaking views of the trees and ferns. The upper park is full of native plants, large trees, and trails. The lower section has a restroom, basketball court, tennis court, and playground. The park is home to the original spring for the valley, and it still flows today.  

  • 2 Murals on cement wall, 10-30ft each, $1250 each  
  • 1 Mural on restroom, 4x8ft, Pay $600 

Riverton Park: Is located next to business parks and neighborhoods. This lovely park has a walking track, playground, picnic shelter, beautiful landscape, and Gully Garden’s P-patch.    

  • Ground Mural, see photo, Pay $1000+ depending on experience  

Pop-up Gallery, Art Banners– Artwork should be uploaded as a high resolution image, images may be cropped to format and each image will have a Tukwila Parks and Recreation logo, Urban Artworks logo and Artist name printed on the banner. Art work on banners will be approximately 3 x 5ft, plus boarders, Pay $100.  

Call is open until June 14th at 5PM. 

For questions and information on specific locations reach out to Olena.Perry@Tukwilawa.gov.  Information regarding the application or process reach out to Paul@UrbanArtworks.org

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