In 25 years of service to King County, Urban ArtWorks has been established as an effective program that works with marginalized teens to gain employment and art skills, deepen connections with the community, and expand their self-efficacy. We work with artists, businesses, and communities to collaboratively transform our public spaces.

In 2019 Urban ArtWorks:


60 teens

For Over

4300 hours

Of Arts Training + Employment

Provided School-Based

Arts Workshops

For Over

450 Young People


60+ Public Artworks

Across The

Seattle Area

Worked With

20 Professional Artists

And Engaged Over

150 Volunteers


10 Community Events


1500+ Contributed

To Collaborative Murals

“Urban ArtWorks gave me a purpose, a job, and a place I needed to be. I was taught accountability and to ask for help if I was struggling. My experience also instilled a responsibility in me to reciprocate. Having people outside your family invested in you means so much, even if at the time you don’t quite understand it. This propels me now as an adult to advise young leaders to think of their future. We want our youth to think beyond themselves as part of a much larger setting. By giving young people the tools to communicate what they need, they’ll be able to go into the world and help their peers and community.”

Artist & Former Urban ArtWorks Youth Programs Participant

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