In over 25 years of service to Washington State, Urban ArtWorks has worked with marginalized youth, diverse and emerging artists, businesses, and community to collaboratively transform our public spaces. Our youth programs have helped thousands of young people gain art and employment skills, deepen connections with the community, and expand their self-efficacy.

From 2019-2021 Urban ArtWorks:


170 teens for over 11,800 hours of paid arts training

Angelina Villalobos

Artist, Board Member & Former Urban ArtWorks Youth Programs Participant

“Urban ArtWorks gave me a purpose, a job, and a place I needed to be. I was taught accountability and to ask for help if I was struggling. My experience also instilled a responsibility in me to reciprocate. Having people outside your family invested in you means so much, even if at the time you don’t quite understand it. This propels me now as an adult to advise young leaders to think of their future. We want our youth to think beyond themselves as part of a much larger setting. By giving young people the tools to communicate what they need, they’ll be able to go into the world and help their peers and community.”


School-based arts programs, workshops, and camps for over 670 young people

Youth apprentice

“This program has had a big impact on me especially during the pandemic because it has given me a sense of community even when I felt isolated at home.”


287 Public artworks


“Our new mural is complete, and all we can say is wow! The youth artists from Urban ArtWorks finished it up last week and it looks incredible! This mural adds so much color and joy to our campus, and we know it will bring a smile to the face of staff and clients when they see it. Thank you to all of the wonderful folks at Urban Artworks for bringing this vision to life!”


104 professional artists

Youth apprentice

“Urban Artworks and the people who are part of the organization have always been invested in my growth and I really appreciate the opportunity to be around professional artists and a wide variety of people.”


Over 2500 local volunteers in community painting days

Youth Apprentice

“I met a lot of good people within my own community, and I’m looking at life in a different view.”


Programs and services in over 25 Seattle neighborhoods and 10 cities


“Thank you endlessly for bringing this vision to life – it is absolutely amazing. Everyone can’t stop smiling! I hope we collaborate again in the future. A huge thank you for making this happen in such a short timeline, so grateful to you and your team.”

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