Urban ArtWorks can be hired to design and create murals and other public art. Whether it’s a large-scale mural on the side of a building, supporting a community-driven creative process, or a series of colorful neighborhood signal boxes, we have professional artists and creative ideas for that!

All proceeds from commissioned public art projects support our youth programming. Check out some of our services listed below.

Commission A Mural

Urban ArtWorks connects business owners, nonprofit organizations, and city administrators with professional artists to design and facilitate the creation of murals and other public art. We support our community partners and artists by assisting with administration, planning, pricing, negotiating, contract-writing, curating, production, payments, maintenance, and documentation of projects. With Urban ArtWorks support, artists have the ability to take on larger projects and focus on creation.

No two projects are alike, so we work with you to customize the project to fit your space, timeline and budget. While we make every effort to accommodate projects with more immediate timelines, we encourage folks to contact us as far in advance of your deadline as possible. Contact us today with your wall size, timeline, budget range, and a few photos you are inspired by!

Community Collaboration

While some murals are created by one artist alone, we encourage our clients to consider using this public artwork as a way of fostering community connection through their active participation in the creative process. We specialize in working with business owners and organizations to facilitate community engagement around the installation of public art. We can work with you to explore ways for communities to select artists, contribute to mural research, design, and even painting, thereby encouraging a sense of ownership and community pride. Contact us today to begin brainstorming a way to engage the community in a meaningful and lasting way.

Team Building

Looking for an exciting way build authentic connections among your employees and transform your space with original artwork at the same time? Let us work with you and your team to create an experience they will never forget. One of our Artists can design a mural based on your company values, a specific message, or even something based on your employees input. We will paint the outline of the mural on the interior or exterior of your business, and work with your employees to collaboratively paint the mural, in a paint-by-number fashion. Your team will work side-by-side to create a beautiful permanent reminder of the message and the experience. Contact us and let’s customize a team-building experience for you today!


Offer a fun and immersive experience for attendees at your next event! Urban ArtWorks will design a mural outline based on the theme of your event. This portable mural will be set up so that attendees can participate in collaborative painting. We can be set up indoors or outdoors, and we ensure that spaces and people stay clean! No matter the theme or event, this is always a powerful and memorable experience, as diverse groups of people are able to unify as they each are able to contribute from their own perspective. At the end of the event you will have a complete and durable mural that can be transported and installed! We can come for a few hours, or a whole weekend – we will work with you to customize for your specific needs, budget, and timeline. Contact us today to incorporate this unique experience into your next event!

2021 Clients


– Seattle City Light

– Plymouth Housing

– American Campus Communities

– Hi, How Are You Foundation

– FamilyWorks

– Outdoor Research

– Eddie Bauer

– Bellevue College

– Merrell

– Amazon

– UDistrict Partnership

– Main Street Property Group

– Plymouth Housing

– Tukwila Parks and Recreation

– Home Care Contractors

– RAD Power Bikes

– Genoa

– Storybuilt

– Hudson Properties

– Kilroy

– Kamiak

– Birdhouse Cafe

– Cole Gallery

– Fremont Neighborhood Council

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