Here is some info about Glow Girls — who had an inspiring photoshoot in front of our Rainier Ave S mural and are now going to be working on a bus shelter in our studio with Angelina Villalobos — also known as @onesevennine.

“GLOW is a girls group that originated in Seattle only a year 1/2 ago and we have done so much already in that time. We have whats called ‘Glow Sessions’ every few weeks. We announce a special project that we will be creating and It is a time for just girls. We create that space and time for girls to even form new relationships outside of school.
We never enforce any kind of commitment and its completely free! We supply all of the materials and art work
(With Donations too).
Another interesting fact about us is that every session we include a guest who is an influential woman or girl in the community.
We always accept volunteers and donations even if its supplies. – We are ran by 2 moms :)
Your Art was just so inspiring to me and the girls. For us it signifies empowerment and that what Glow is all about.¬†GIRLS LEADING OUR WORLD”
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