Join us January 25th from 5:30-8:30pm for a closing reception and happy hour!

Come have a drink, see some art, and learn about how to get involved with our exciting new partnership with STUNNING SEATTLE
Oh, and please bring your wallet, because proceeds throughout the month go directly into our programming!
About the show:

This month Core Gallery is featuring Urban ArtWorks for their community show, and for the past weeks blank canvases on their walls have been turned into pieces of art that reflect ArtWorks’ mission. That’s right: Blank canvases on the walls of the gallery, painted live by our lovely mentor Emily Taibleson and friends of Core Gallery. If you’d like to see how we make murals, this is a pretty good peek into it.

We also have super affordable framed photos of our murals in progress.

117 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle WA 98104



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