About a year ago, a friend studying in Copenhagen sent me a photo of a mural of a bright pink tree with wind blowing through it. While usually not the subject of my choosing, this tree’s vibrant almost feather like flora against the rich black background stuck with me for months. I pulled the photo out at meetings, and I think it even incorporated itself into my dreams a few times. As with anything, if I think about it enough, it’s time to do something about it. I do it with shoes, I do it with friends, I do it with art – sometimes ideas stick with you for a reason.

Our studio is in the Chinatown/ International District of Seattle (we are technically on the cusp of the SODO neighborhood but we eat our lunch in the ID). Each spring this area is abundant with cherry blossoms, especially on Jackson. Spring is breathtaking and refreshing and seems to make the entire neighborhood feel safer and cleaner and happier. But as soon as the petals fall, the vandalized and chipping walls are revealed yet again, leaving me wishing spring was eternal. So, that’s what Urban ArtWorks intends to create: spring, through the eyes and hands of 5 different artists, that will last us longer than the life of the petals.

-Kathleen Warren


This past summer Seattle Works and Urban ArtWorks teamed up to launch the idea – we had funding and 40 volunteers. Our designer Wakuda Studio created a design that was easily executed in one day with many hands. The historic preservation board approved the idea, and it was applauded by neighbors walking by as we painted.

Now that our big volunteer day is over, it’s time to slow down and focus on some really unique ideas that can work as part of the series.

We will be accepting work samples through the end of February and hopefully be well under way by the time the real cherry blossoms bloom. Compensation will be based on wall size and design, and will be agreed upon before a final design is required.

Artist submissions

Please send your resume plus relevant work samples via email to: info@urbanartworks.org –please attach or link an inspiration board to explain any visions you have for this project, if you would like to submit an actual sketch of your idea instead of just inspiration photos that will be welcomed!

In the body of the email or cover letter, please let us know if you have experience working with volunteers or youth and if you would be interesting in/willing to allow others to participate in your mural (this is not required).


We currently have funding for the next two murals and are seeking interested partners to help us fund the others! If you would like to sponsor a mural, please email kathleen@urbanartworks.org


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