Connor, our Youth Program Coordinator, creates art under the moniker Illustrative West. We asked him a few questions about public art and youth:

What inspirations inform your work as an artist?

I’m pulling inspiration from everything around me all the time. Whether its being outside, the happenings of the city or traveling, simply being alive is inspiring! But more specifically I’m interested in stories, global folklore and their ability to bring magic into our reality. In the not so distant past stories and magic were in many ways unanimous. Simple etchings on stone or tales told around fires held great power. I like to think that in some way what I’m drawing is pulling from that same source. For a brief moment what I’m creating is real and has sway over myself and its audience.

What are your thoughts about public art as a tool to reach young people?

I truly believe that the visual stimulation and information brought about by public art is as important as ever in helping to teach and reach young people. In a world where everyone and everything is vying for attention, it’s vital to have art in the public realm that isn’t based solely in someone else’s commercial gain.

To see more of Connor’s work, check out illustrativewest.com and follow him on Instagram.

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