This month, we worked with artist Brian Sanchez to complete a new mural for the new Children and Family Justice Center facility here in Seattle. We asked Brian to explain some of his creative process:

“Together, the youth, Urban ArtWorks, and myself set out to create a design that best represented the mission of CFCJ. We talked about the range of support offered through the programs and some of the hardships they were working to overcome.

Each shape and color involved in this project derived from a feeling related to this process. Shapes were drawn by youth when prompted to respond to certain feelings, and the colors below help you decode what feelings they are illustrating:

Nervous – Green
Balance – Tan
Overwhelmed – Purple
Scared – Blue
Sad – Brown
Supported – Orange
Active – Yellow

We were aiming to articulate the diverse community that circulates through the facility and compose a mural that felt active, hopeful, and uplifting without overlooking the hurdles present in this journey.

We are pleased with it’s outcome and hope you feel the same!”

– Brian Sanchez

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