We are incredibly thankful to many of our great partners all year long, but in the spirit of the holiday, we wanted to send a very special thank you a few folks:

Our community partners… 

Kilroy Reality who commissioned a mural on Dexter Avenue, which helped support our fall program that providing work training skills to youth through the creation process. Look for it on Dexter and Harrison, it is being installed today! Mural was designed by Connor McPherson and Ezra Dickinson.

Ward and Jeana from Casco Antiguo who conceptualized and hosted one heck of a colorful Dia de Los Muertos fundraiser to benefit our mural program. The artists who painted the skulls they auctioned off did nothing short of blow our minds!

YouthCare, who sent us a gem of a young artist named Bryan, who helped us paint our last mural. His wages were paid by a grant through YouthCare  – this is community teamwork at its finest and we look forward to hosting many more youth from such an amazing and meaningful organization.

The Downtown Seattle Association, which appears to have limitless energy getting creative projects into motion – look for a new signal box collaboration coming to the Regrade neighborhood soon!

Amazon for hosting us at their non-profit expo where we got to meet so many new organizations and shake the hands of employees who are looking for ways to get involved. Can’t wait to host them all for painting in the Spring!


Without Lina “get-er-done” Cholewinski we wouldn’t get half the work we do into the public. She began as a Seattle University undergrad intern years ago and is now receiving her MFA in Fine Arts Leadership… and continues to teach us a thing or two along the way.

For groups like PDL and Sutton Beres Culler who see our city for its potential and find creative ways to challenge viewers by taking everything they do to the next level, and always keeping it a little weird. Your energy fuels our minds! PDL’s next event involves donating blood for art, don’t miss it.

These movers and shakers…. 

Kate Freels, who after 5 years of serving on our Board, volunteering at events, being a friend, and bringing question and logic to all of our meetings, is hanging up her hat to focus on her work as an architect and puppy mama. We love you Katie!

To our Board of Directors, who humbly steer this ship in the right direction and are responsible for so many connections we’ve made and growth we’ve had. We’d be a lot less colorful without each of them.

We are grateful to people like Zane Behnke, a long time supporter of Urban ArtWorks, who recently joined the board of The Seattle Clemency Project – we love them because they realize the importance of giving people voices and the magnitude of 2nd chances.

To all of the above, and all of the hands, eyes, and minds that help lift us up and keeping creating so that Seattle remains a vibrant place to live: THANK YOU.

Kathleen Warren,

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