We asked Joseph, one of the youth employees who is currently enrolled in our work programming, for his thoughts about her time with us. Here’s what he had to say:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Hobbies? What’s your art experience?
I’ve been liking painting lately so I’ve been exploring new types of art; like right now I’m starting to explore carving. So just being taught the basics of it right now. Like I’ve been working on a native mask with my uncle. This program definitely got me into my creative side.

How are all those hobbies being represented at your job at Urban Artworks?
They’ve just kinda just taught me to like being creative more. I’ve also been showing up a lot more, and brought out the creative side of me.

What is your favorite part of working for Urban Artworks?
Coming here everyday definitely helps taking the stress away. I actually enjoy and look forward to coming to Artworks and painting. It seems to help me relax and get my mind off things, cause it’s calm and you can take your time with the project. It helps me relax a lot.

If you could be any crayon color what color would you be?
Green! Light green…because green is a mellow type of color to me and it represents nature and calmness. And those things represent me.

What new tricks have you learned?
Brian taught us that you mainly use your shoulder to keep the brush straight and your lines steady. That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve learned.

How was the design process for the Juvenile Center mural? Can you tell us how it went from your perspective?
Well, first we figured out the feelings we felt from coming to this court and then tried to figure what kinda shapes we’re gonna use to represent those. Then we tried putting the feelings together into a type of shape by cutting out pieces of paper. It’s kinda how it all came together.. And then we matched up the paint colors to the feelings.

How do you think this mural will change this space?
I feel like it could brighten up someones days cause of all the colors. They might hear some bad news walking out and see the bright colors and change their mindset.

How do you like working with the team?
I like it so far. It’s always nice to come here and they’re nice and all that. They’ve been treating me with respect, so it’s cool.

Has working here changed your mindset on anything?
Yeah, it gave me a responsibility cause it’s a job. I’ve matured more and it gave me a creative hobby.

How do you think you will use the skills you gained working at Urban Artworks in your life?
I feel like i can use it on the daily basis. You always gotta show up on time and call-in and I feel like I’ve learned that now for my future jobs. It’s also been teaching me how to paint; and I plan on doing some type of painting in the future. Like painting houses or another art program… or with the carving thing, because we’re gonna have to paint that soon, too.

Any advice to future Artworks youth?
To give this art program a try! Cause I wasn’t really into it at first when i heard about it and now I like it. So give it a try. Like now I’m doing art inside and outside of work.

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