Jerry is one our our youth employees this season. We asked him a few questions about art and life:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are your hobbies?
Sports and school. I like going to school, and makin’ money! I like math when it’s taught well, that’s one of my favorite subjects.

What is your art experience? How has it helped with your job at Urban Artworks?
I learned how to paint better than before, and learned how to get along with others. If someone ever needed help I was there to help, or if they asked me to do something I was able to do it.

What new tricks have you learned for painting? What’s the coolest?
Fading the colors, for sure! Combining paints and colors together.

What’s your favorite project you worked on? What challenged you the most?
I liked the ‘leaf one’ with Angel, it had a lot of nice colors and it was fun. Even though I messed up, I was able to fix my mistakes with the paint. Like, using too much paint on the brush and having drips, that happened sometimes.

How was the design process? Can you elaborate on it?
Well when we had a meeting she showed us all her murals that she’s done, and she told us what we would be painting, and that it’s going into new apartments. We all learned how to draw leaves and our own designs, talked about which designs look cool, and went on from there.

If you could be any crayon color, what color would you be?
Baby blue. It’s a nice color and stands out a lot.

Has working here changed your mindset on anything?
Yes, time management, responsibility, and respect in some way. Showing up on time, and if I don’t feel well or if I’m running late, then to give you guys a call.

What’s the most fun part of working at Urban Artworks? What challenges you?
I like how we’re able to listen to music, and being able to work in a smaller group, which is more comfortable.  I have to work for patience, and painting was relaxing.

Any advice to future Artworks youth?
Show up on time and have fun!

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