“Urban ArtWorks gave me a purpose, a job, and a place I needed to be. I was taught accountability and to ask for help if I was struggling. My experience also instilled a responsibility in me to reciprocate. Having people outside your family invested in you means so much, even if at the time you don’t quite understand it. This propels me now as an adult to advise young leaders to think of their future. We want our youth to think beyond themselves as part of a much larger setting. By giving young people the tools to communicate what they need, they’ll be able to go into the world and help their peers and community.”

Angelina Villalobos

Artist & Former Urban ArtWorks Youth Programs Participant

“As an Education Employment Specialist with the Education Employment Training Program and the liaison for Urban ArtWorks, I have worked closely on a year round basis for well over a decade with the organization. UA has been an invaluable partner to the EET Program in working with the youth we serve. The ArtWorks staff provide a professional, positive, safe and supportive environment for the youth that are participating in paid Internships to learn and develop new art skills as well as the required job skills to be successful in the future. As a case manager, I know I can rely on the needed communication between myself and the ArtWorks staff to support each youth as they learn new skills and grow as individuals. Upon completion of a project I see youth demonstrate pride in what they have accomplished and the completed project that is now a part of the community in which they live.”

Guy McWhorter

Education Employment Specialist
EET Program
King County Juvenile Probation Services

“We contracted ArtWorks for a large scale wall mural at Beryl Apartments in Capitol Hill, and again for Dwell Apartments in Kent, WA. I was in charge of making the building into a home for our future residents. ArtWorks connected us with an awesome artist, Erik Burke, who drove the process through multiple design iterations until we were all happy with the idea and plan. UA did a great job of managing the process from getting the paints and materials, managing everyone’s schedules, being flexible with our construction crews, and getting the job done. It looks amazing! Without UA, I know the city wouldn’t be as beautiful, talented artists wouldn’t be getting as much work, and we wouldn’t have such amazing works of art on our buildings. UA’s far reaching connections with artists and their ability to pair us with the right people while managing and streamlining the process. They’ll do just about anything!”

Mary Fialko

Real Estate Development Associate
Tarragon Property Services

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