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    New Video + GiveBig May 6th to Seattle Non-Profits

    One week from today is GiveBIG, The Seattle Foundation's one-day online charitable giving event designed to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations that make our region a stronger, more vibrant community for all. Over 1,600 Seattle-area nonprofits will see donations matched that day. While we hope you will giveBIG to Urban ArtWorks, there are many organizations doing important and creative things also in need of support. Below our are some of our favorites. Check them out, and help us spread the GiveBIG love!

    But first: our AMAZING NEW VIDEO, featuring some of the youth who participate in our programs, with spoken word by Urban ArtWorks teaching artist Matt Gano. We love how this captures the spirit of our organization, and hope you do, too.

    Shout outs to these fine people doing great work in Seattle:  

    • Youth Care, because every night 700-1,000 youth have no safe place to sleep. We applaud their efforts endlessly, as many of our own youth have benefitted from their education and shelter services
    • Not only because we can't live without them in our studio, but because if you have free live streaming world wide you're also a form of public art, right? Plus they are champions of local artists, which is one of our reasons for waking up too. ArtWorks was lucky to be a community partner of their's last year. Check out their littleBIG shows that benefit local non-profits throughout the year, and feel good about doing good... without even trying! 
    • Union Gospel Mission. As residents of the International District/Pioneer Square area, we are made aware daily of the societal need for change on our city streets. The Union Gospel Mission provides than meals and beds: from free dental services to addiction recovery, they tackle some of the toughest needs our city has. They are always accepting volunteers and donations, learn more here: Union Gospel Mission Volunteers
    • The Seattle Design Foundation. New to the Seattle nonprofit world, they are empowering creative local thinkers and designers - we encourage all young creators to rise to the challenge of applying for their grants and social services.

    We hope you'll join us and the many other worthy organizations on this important day, so that all of us can continue our mission to make Seattle more vital and more beautiful, in our own ways. 

    Learn more about how giving on May 6th can make your donation go further, here on the Seattle Foundation's website.


    Kathleen Warren



    If ever nature creates a mural, she does it in spring. 

    This spring in Seattle, we find ourselves taking a deep breath and gearing up for summer, the dry(er) season, and our favorite season: mural season! We hope you will save the date for two wonderful events we have coming up that will help us do our best work yet.

    Friday April 25th
    7 p.m. - 12 a.m.
    Fremont Foundry
    154 N. 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103

    This Friday, come to a free party celebrating the Northwest’s best in mobile photography, enjoy complimentary beer from New Belgium, shake a tail feather to DJ Phosho & help raise money for Urban ArtWorks.

    Last month, New Belgium & IGers Seattle invited aspiring and pro photographers to share their best Northwest shots on Instagram, with themes including “PNW Spirit” & “PNW In Motion.” Out of 4,000 #SnapshotPNW images submitted, 50 were selected to be framed and displayed at the Fremont Foundry as part of the gallery’s inaugural exhibit since its restoration & re-opening. All photos will be available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting Urban ArtWorks. Plus: free beer and dance party! Hope to see you FridayRSVP here.

    Want for bang for your buck? More murals for your money? More social change for your... loose change?

    Then please mark your calendar for The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event on May 6thGiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to generously support nonprofit organizations who make our region a healthier and more vital place to live.

    If you give any size donation on May 6thyour support will be increased via matching funds from the Seattle Foundation -  meaning even more overall support will go toward our creative work with underserved youth. The more donations we receive- the higher the match percentage will be!

    Even the smallest donation can make a huge impact: you could be randomly chosen to win a Golden Ticket which will earn the selected donor's nonprofit an additional $1,000. So $5 could be $1,005 - and we will paint you a custom hero cape!

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    Our mailing address is:
    Urban ArtWorks
    815 Seattle Blvd S
    Suite B7
    Seattle, WA 98134


    Time to Party!

    Date: Friday April 25

    Time: 7 p.m. - 12 a.m.

    Location: Fremont Foundry – 154 N. 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103

    Live DJ: DJ Phosho

    Food Truck: Outside The Box: Paleo Food Truck

    Throughout the month of March, New Belgium & IGers Seattle challenged photographers of the Northwest to capture & share their best images relating to weekly rotating themes, such as “PNW Spirit”, “Landmarks of the PNW”, & “PNW In Motion”. And in 4 short weeks, over 4,000 inspired images were added to the newly created #SnapshotPNW gallery on Instagram.  On April 25, we will celebrate the very best of this collection by highlighting 50 specially curated images from the gallery. Each 12x12 printed image will be matted & displayed at the Fremont Foundry as part of the gallery’s inaugural exhibit since its restoration & re-opening.  Come out & celebrate the Northwest’s best in mobile photography, enjoy complementary beer from New Belgium, & help raise money for Seattle youth & arts nonprofit organization Urban ArtWorks.

    Learn more about the event and judges here

    Must be 21+ to attend.



    Seattle Mural Project Coordinator Positions

    Here's your chance to get in behind the scenes of the awesome Seattle Mural Project process! Please email for more detailed volunteer coordinator descriptions, and responsibilities.

    Social Media Coordinator

    We’re looking for a talented and driven Social Media Marketing Coordinator to join Seattle Mural Project! Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (Director) the Social Media Marketing Specialist will work to develop and implement PR strategies for Seattle Mural Project via social networking websites. You will be responsible for creating a professional and interesting content to keep our followers engaged and to help increase awareness about Seattle Mural Project. As murals develop you will work with our documentation teams and our creative department to create media to share on social networks that showcase our project.

    Sponsorship development coordinator

    Reporting to and in partnership with the Development Director (Director) the  Sponsorship development coordinator will spearhead all sponsorship development opportunities as Seattle Mural Project continues to grow. The successful candidate will be responsible for the identification, cultivation, preparation, contacting, follow-up and monitoring of corporate sponsorship relationships. Provides support to the administration by locating and pursuing sponsorship opportunities of all kinds. Ability to prioritize and work well under tight deadlines must be able to coordinate efforts with other departments.

    Wall preparation coordinator

    We’re looking for a construction oriented team leader to join our volunteer staff at Seattle Mural Project and get their hands dirty. Reporting to the Executive Director (Director) and working with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Site Manager, the Wall Preparation Coordinator will develop a team of capable volunteers that will assess the condition of the walls and bring them to a paintable state.

    Mural site greeter coordinator

    We’re looking for a committed and outgoing Mural Site Greeters Coordinator to join our volunteer staff at Seattle Mural Project. Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (Director) and the Volunteer Coordinator the Site Greeters Coordinator will develop a team of approachable people that will field questions during mural painting. Your team will be the voice of the project to the curious public onlookers while keeping them at a safe distance and out of the way of the artists.

    Mural site assistant / runners coordinator

    We’re looking for a committed and outgoing team coordinator to join our volunteer staff at Seattle Mural Project leading a team of site assistants. Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (Director) and the Volunteer Coordinator the Site Greeters Coordinator will develop a team of attentive and patient people that will assist the artists with non-painting support during mural production. Your team will help make the difference in productivity and timely mural production by ensuring the artist has everything they need to work efficiently at all times. Your teammates will work in pairs as assistants and errand runners to ensure that at least one assistant is always available on-site during production.

    Safety Coordinator

    We’re looking for a committed and meticulous Safety coordinator to join our volunteer staff at Seattle Mural Project. Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (Director) the Safety coordinator will develop safety protocol and best practices surrounding the mural painting. The candidate will work with our volunteer coordinator to develop and schedule a team of safety supervisors. Your team will make sure the public and the artists are safe and in compliance with regulations while the artists produce their murals. 

    Human resources coordinator

    Reporting to and in partnership with the Seattle Mural Project Executive Director (Director) and also with the assistance of Urban Artworks staff, the  Human Resources Coordinator will support Seattle Mural Project in developing a solid foundation of volunteer staff members. Since Seattle Mural Project  is a 100% volunteer run organization, this position cultivates all internal organization volunteers. The Human Resources Coordinator will help maintain the effectiveness and occupancy of both internal steering level positions as well as common “off the street” volunteer positions.


    Call to Artists: 63rd Street Mural Project

    The 63rd street mural committee is seeking an artist or team to design a new mural for the retaining wall (north) side of N 63rd street and AURORA AVENUE N. 

    Eligibility: Open to all artists living in Washington

    Deadline: April 25. 2014 at 5 p.m.

    Introduction/Background For more than a decade the whimsical mural painted in the 90’s at the Aurora underpass at N. 63rd Street was left largely unmolested.  Two years ago graffiti overwhelmed the mural and it now stands covered by solid gray paint.  The 63rd Street Mural Steering Committee has received a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods to create new artwork designed by local artists and maintained by the community for a period of five years.  The goal is to create a mural that will beautify the neighborhood, delight passers-by and stand as a statement of our community’s commitment to this heavily travelled gateway.

    Project Location and Scope of Work The mural will reside on the north retaining wall of the 63rd Street underpass at Aurora Avenue North, the closest underpass to Green Lake and Woodland Park. Cars exiting northbound Aurora or coming from the Green Lake area pass through on their way to the Phinney neighborhood and beyond to Ballard.  This busy arterial road is also travelled by cyclists and pedestrians.  The opposing wall lacks a sidewalk and will remain unpainted to minimize the overall cost of installation and maintenance.  

    The artist will design a mural with a strong presence that reflects its location in north Seattle near Green Lake, Woodland Park, the Zoo, and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The materials, design and palette must stand up to local weather and be amenable to ongoing maintenance for a period of five years.  The design may be painted directly on the wall or on panels affixed to the wall, whichever the artist designates.  Given the large area of the wall it is not necessary that the design cover the entire area.  The winning artist will be responsible for outlining a color coded design which will be completed by community volunteers under the supervision of Urban Artworks.  The design must include specifications for the paints, anti-graffiti coating, and any other materials used.  The artist must be available for meeting with project supervisors. The artist is welcome to be on site for part or all of the execution of the mural, although this is not a requirement. All painting supplies will be purchased by the 63rd Street Mural Steering Committee or received as in-kind donations.

    SUBMISSION MATERIALS REQUIRED: Please submit all materials by April 25, 2014 to Pamela Jaynes, 63rd Street Mural Project, at the Phinney Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. Please submit questions to

    • Concept and design proposed for the mural should be on 24 by 36 inch foamcore or similar material suitable for public display during the selection process. 
    • Indicate if you plan for your design to be painted directly onto the wall of the underpass, or painted directly onto panels to be affixed to the underpass. Describe your materials selection and how it is applicable for a durable mural for the underpass. Please develop a budget for your selected materials.  The budget should not exceed $2,000 –  weather durable materials required.
    • List the names of all colors to be used and the type and manufacturer of the paint.  The  committee will be responsible for securing the paint for the project.
    • A two‐page (max.) résumé
    • Up to 10 portfolio images of previous work (300 jpps).   Please include a slide list of title, date, medium, dimensions and project description.
    • Statement of Interest — Not to exceed 500 words.  

    Please address the following: 

    • How the design reflects the community
    • What your experience is with public art
    • What your experience is with community engagement with your artwork


    The artist/team for this commission will be selected through this call to artists. The 63rd Street Mural Steering Committee will choose 3 finalists based on the quality of work and creativity in the submitted materials and the proposed design, visual and technical sophistication, the ability to produce durable outdoor art, anda proven ability to coordinate and collaborate with project managers, design professionals and community stakeholders. The finished design and palette must withstand the weather and be amenable to periodic maintenance by community members.  It also must be simple enough to be executed by community volunteers.


    An award of $500 will go to each of the three finalists upon selection of their proposed design. 

    The final design will be chosen by the steering committee after soliciting input from the community.  Preference voting will take place at scheduled neighborhood events and online. The chosen artist will receive a Design Award of $3,200 in addition to the previously awarded $500 finalist award. 

    The winning design will be executed under the supervision of Urban Artworks. A large number community volunteers will paint the mural and the winning artist must agree to outline the mural either directly on the wall of the underpass, or on panels.

    The 63rd Street Mural Steering Committee reserves the right not to select any of the applicants.


    • March 18 -April 25: Call to Artists open
    • April 25: Artist Submission Materials Due
    • April 25-27: Steering committee meets to select three finalists
    • April 28 : Finalists notified, public input period begins
    • April 28 - May 30: Steering committee evaluates community input, chooses finalist; contract issued
    • May 30-July 19: Artist/team finalizes design; Planning of execution with Urban Artworks and steering committee.
    • July 19-27: Mural installation 
    • August 2: Celebration

    For addition information & volunteer opportunities, please contact .